Pure Storage

All-Flash Arrays

Pure is redefining the storage experience and empowering innovators by simplifying how people consume and interact with data.

Make Your Storage Purchase Feel Like Storage as a Service

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) for storage and save more than 50% over traditional forklift upgrades. Get modern storage with the freedom to upgrade, expand, and continuously innovate.
  • From integration to storage management to upgrades, Evergreen simplifies everything about the data storage lifecycle. Imagine storage that just works, delivering you 99.9999% of availability—including upgrades.
  • Deploy once and stay modern with seamless, rapid upgrades and expansion, without disruption. Scale storage as needed without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, expensive leases, or forklift upgrades.
  • Evergreen Storage meets your needs today and tomorrow, no matter what. It’s storage that was built to keep you agile enough to respond to changing business needs.

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