Kalignite Platform is the foundation for multivendor ATM software applications .

  • The world’s leading multivendor software platform for ATMs.
  • Multi-channel, used for ATM, kiosk and branch teller applications.
  • Supports ATMs of all types – from 40 manufacturers.
  • Support for over 250 different devices

K3A includes all of the ATM functionality required by the most advanced banks.

  • Flexible architecture
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure without changes
  • Single application for all types of deployments and devices
  • Cash dispensers, full function, advanced in-branch, Next Gen, kiosks Management

KTC includes:

  • Real-time ATM monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote control (reboot/reset/remote supervisor)
  • Alerts, trouble tickets, notifications
  • Software distribution (updates, upgrades, full re-imaging)
  • File Management
  • Electronic Journal
  • Asset management
  • Mapping, scheduling, reporting
  • CRM, personalization, marketing campaigns
  • Cash management
  • Password, permissions, role management
  • Kalignite Security management

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